Thursday, September 5, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Dexter' Finale Photos; 'Revolution' Season 2 and 'Haven' Season 4 Premiere Review; 'Project Runway' Changes; Paley Center Announces 'Castle' & Robin Williams Events...

Showtime is always pretty guarded when it comes to finale secrets for its biggest shows, namely Dexter and Homeland, and given that the finale to which Dexter is currently creeping toward is for the series and not merely a season (not to mention the fact that a recent security breach allowed the third season premiere of Homeland to leak), you would think now they would be holding their cards even closer to their chest. But according to the network's press site, the promotional photos in the above slideshow are images from episode 8.12, the series finale... [MORE]

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: NBC's Revolution season 2 premiere"

At the end of the first season of NBC's Revolution, there was some discussion about what kind of a show we'd be getting in season two if the lights were back on. After all, Eric Kripke sold the network on a show set 15 years in the future that was in the dark-- literally and technologically-- and how the people have adapted and survived in that world. If suddenly the lights came back on, and so quickly, there would be some adjustments, sure, but it certainly seemed like the world would just get back to normal. And who wants normal on TV these days? Well, as it turns out, not Revolution. Though the first season finale ended with an iconic and well-lit moment, the second season premiere, "Born in the USA," continues the format, tone, and yes formula of the show as we've known it to be... [MORE]

When Haven's third season ended, Audrey (Emily Rose) and Duke (Eric Balfour) went into the barn, only for it to disappear before Nathan's (Lucas Bryant) eyes. Left to assume the worst (that the woman he loved was dead), Nathan could only really stand there in shock, a single tear rolling down his cheek. But whether Audrey took the Troubles with her or not when she left, there was work to be done in the small New England town, and now when the fourth season premiere begins, six months after that fateful day at the barn, it appears Nathan turned out not to be the guy for the job after all... [MORE]

"Alyssa Milano set to host new Project Runway All Stars, who will compete?"

Project Runway has been going strong enough to warrant another cycle of an All Stars season, bringing back some of the best up-and-coming designers, as well as fan favorites. But though the styles may not be entirely new, since you've seen offerings from these people before, the host will be. Alyssa Milano has signed on to host the Project Runway All Stars season starting on Lifetime on October 24 2013... [MORE]

"Paley Center L.A. adds Fall TV events with Robin Williams and Castle"

The Paley Center for Media's Fall TV Previews are just about to kick off, but today the organization has announced two more big events coming to their Beverly Hills location this month: An Evening with Robin Williams and a "back by popular demand" return for Castle... [MORE]

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