Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'DWTS' 17 Cast Revealed; Advance Reviews of 'The Goldbergs', 'Trophy Wife', & 'Back in the Game'...

A Bayside High alumn and a Malibu Sands one (but sadly not Zack Morris himself in ballet tights), a recent New Directions graduate, a Pretty Little Liars hunk, and the Science Guy himself. These are just a few of the stars that will make up the 17th season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars, as announced this morning on Good Morning America... [MORE]

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: ABC's The Goldbergs"

Did you like The Wonder Years but wish politics had been replaced by pop culture? Do you like yelling? Do you remember things like Alf and Sam Goody? Then ABC's new family comedy The Goldbergs will be for you! ... [MORE]

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: ABC's Trophy Wife"

With a title like Trophy Wife, ABC's new comedy may surprise you by actually being a family comedy, rather than a romantic one. But that's not the only place it will surprise you. With the voice of Sarah Haskins infused into three big personality female characters, Trophy Wife is out to present some of the most interesting and funniest women on television. The show certainly centers on one title character (Malin Akerman's Kate), but it is her dynamic and differences to supporting ladies Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins that make this show the most fun... [MORE] 

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: ABC's Back in the Game"

ABC's new comedy Back in the Game has a couple of things working against it for this particular review. For one thing, it comes from two writers who previously worked on Work It, the most offensive comedy to come out of television in a long, long time. For another, it's about a woman (Maggie Lawson) who is estranged from her father (James Caan) yet still inexplicably, willingly moves herself and her son (rising star Griffin Gluck) back with him. And finally, there is a strong baseball element to the show as she gets involved in coaching her son's Little League team after he fails to make the major one in the neighborhood but wants to play anyway. While there's nothing necessarily wrong with a sports story, and while second chances and redemption in relationships can actually be a very sweet and positive angle to take, it's just not something I personally want to watch. But on a broader scale, I can't imagine most of you will want to watch it either simply because it's just not funny... [MORE]

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