Thursday, September 12, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Elementary', 'Hawaii Five-0', & 'Parks and Recreation' Advance Reviews...

CBS' Elementary ended on a big note with its first season finale to reveal Moriarty-- and to reveal her to be someone quite close to Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) after all. When the second season picks up, that theme of shedding some light on others in Sherlock's life is still on-going, though this time around the details and truths that emerge about them pale in comparison. We suspect most anything would after Moriarty, but Elementary's second season premiere still takes a few moments to get back into the groove of things... [MORE]

Unlike many other returning series this fall, CBS' Hawaii Five-0 chooses to pick up exactly where its last season left off, rather than jump a bit in the future and have the audience play catch up. Fans will be slammed back into the heart of the action, and the line of fire, when the fourth season premiere "Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi (We Need Each Other)" begins with McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) still staring down Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos), who is the target of a lot of predatory gunfire. While many fans might want McGarrett to step out of the way, he still wants answers, and that drive motivates every decision he makes in this season premiere... [MORE]

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: NBC's Parks and Recreation season 6 premiere"

There is an underlying theme to the season six premiere of NBC's Parks and Recreation that has to deal with Leslie (Amy Poehler) getting her groove back and renewing her love for Pawnee despite its townspeople currently hating her and trying to recall her councilwoman status. While she has always been an overly enthusiastic character who loves everyone and everything more than it deserves, even she has been dulled of some of her shine by the apathy and pettiness she has come up against. But the message of not "chasing applause" is not only one that Leslie takes to heart in "London" but one the show seems to be solidifying it has, too. Parks and Recreation has been the little show that could for a number of seasons. It started out for some almost written off completely after its short first season and still went under-appreciated by many for the seasons that followed. Though it has started getting more and more critical acclaim and social media buzz in the last two seasons, the writers are staunchly standing their ground in the show they're making and are not actively changing things to appeal to this more mainstream success. In its sixth season, Parks and Recreation promises to deliver the same heart-warming humor mixed with colorful characters it always has while taking some big story swings... [MORE]

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