Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Masterchef Junior' L.A. Event; 'The Miller's & 'Sean Saves the World' Advance Reviews...

"Masterchef Junior and Sprinkles to attempt World's Largest Cupcake in L.A.!"

There may never be another event that speaks as personally to LA TV Insider Examiner as today's FOX and Sprinkles attempt at a Guinness World Record. Sprinkles Cupcakes, which has locations in Beverly Hills and at the Grove here in Los Angeles, is teaming up with FOX and Gordon Ramsay's new cooking reality competition series, Masterchef Junior in order to attempt to make the World's Largest Cupcake... [MORE]

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: CBS' The Millers"

We don't usually say it's a good thing when pilots keep certain characters separate from each other and don't allow actors to bounce off each other in scenes, but for CBS' The Millers, it actually works in the show's favor that Jayma Mays talks about and around her on-screen parents more than she does interact with them. Mays is playing a very grounded, single-camera comedy character, while both Beau Bridges and Margo Martindale as said parents are diving into the big, broad, "scream it to the balcony" aspects of traditional sitcoms. Will Arnett, the bridge between the characters and the center of the show, therefore has to carefully toe the line between both styles. His character is the audience's way into the show, and we are looking to him to know what "normal" behavior should look like for the world and tone this show is creating. This makes him more of the straight man than you've ever seen him, and though it's a role he slips into well, it's a little unfortunate and uncomfortable for an audience who knows and loves him as a bigger personality. There is a lot of weight on his shoulders to prove that he isn't as crazy as those who birthed him, just as there is a lot of weight on this show in general to prove it can be more than fart jokes, "older people are bad with technology" jokes, and general loud decibels of line delivery that the pilot relies on for the comedy... [MORE]

It gets better. That's not just a life motto anymore; it also should be the tagline for NBC's new sitcom, Sean Saves the World. Because though the pilot is very schticky, relying heavily on physical gags and hitting punchlines hard, there is a promise of a sweeter, softer story to emerge as the audience settles in with these colorful characters... [MORE]

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