Monday, September 9, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Revenge' & 'Sleepy Hollow' Advance Reviews; 'Gossip Girl' Returns...

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: ABC's Revenge season 3 premiere"

ABC's Revenge's third season premiere starts some time in the future as all previous seasons has, providing a tease of juicy (and violent) action to come, only to then snap you back in time to show how characters got there. Only, instead of seeing a faceless victim, leaving audiences to wonder the "who" of it all, in addition to the "why," this time we see very clearly who may be paying for sins. And it turns out that knowing before it happens doesn't really spoil any of it; in fact it is quite the opposite as it makes you want to stick with Revenge all the more to get to the bottom of how it came to this drastic place... [MORE] 

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: FOX's Sleepy Hollow"

To believe the characters on FOX' new genre drama Sleepy Hollow as real people, it's best to imagine they are the kinds of people who wish their lives were more like a television show-- specifically one like The CW's Supernatural. Only then will you understand their behavior when encountering Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), a man who is completely calm and collected about recounts of beheading a Patriot and working for George Washington. See, rather than reach for the straitjacket, as any sane one of us would do, they humor him by saying things like "It's not a matter of where [you are]; it's a matter of when", and one (Nicole Beharie) even goes so far as to rally for time alone with him. These are law enforcement professionals who first picked up him up on suspicion of another murder-- law enforcement professionals in a small town who must be, even subconsciously, looking for a little excitement to brighten up their usual calls of spooked horses and kittens in trees. Suspension of disbelief is required with all genre shows, but the Sleepy Hollow pilot requires you to turn your brain full off for an hour... [MORE

"Gossip Girl is back...on Extra"
With Dan (Penn Badgley) being revealed to be the titular Gossip Girl during the soapy drama's series finale earlier this year, it was better that the show ended then, right? I mean, knowing it was Dan kind of colored the authority of the site and made you think twice about how much you trusted some of GG's judgement. Well, Warner Bros. hopes you don't still feel that way now that you've had some time to let it all sink in because Gossip Girl is coming back to TV-- as a very special segment this fall on Extra... [MORE]

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