Monday, September 2, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': Checking In with 'Under The Dome'...

Oh how the tide has turned for CBS' Under The Dome. At least for many critics' (and my own) opinions of it anyway. I started the season with such high hopes because of the brand established by Stephen King and the book but also the pilot episode, which brought to life scary and intriguing images and characters I had otherwise only imagined. But it has all come crashing down-- in a way the characters in the show should wish the dome would, only so many of them are just going about their day like normal or preoccupied with other, petty things to even seem to remember there is a dome. Societal structure as we know it should be rebuilt in a skewed way in the town of Chester's Mill-- like when a kid breaks his mother's favorite figurine and glues it back together but uses too much glue and it's lumpier and bloated than it's supposed to be. 

Anyway, We Have Thoughts promised to check back in with Under The Dome mid-way through its run, and due to the much-longer-than-most-expected Time Warner Cable and CBS debacle, we just got around to doing it now. And when I say "we", I mostly mean me since Marisa still has Time Warner and therefore has been unable to watch it (I did tell her it's available on Amazon Prime, so hopefully she'll catch up, and we'll both chime in on the finale discussion). So this mostly consists of me ranting and raving and hugging a book. Yes, seriously. Enjoy. And read more, you guys, please.

What episode was that again? The slow, sporadic burn of Under The Dome, and the bastardization of the Julia Shumway character:

Talking about Stephen King's involvement in show, villain Natalie Zea, opportunist Big Jim Rennie, and spoiling the last few episodes and mini dome for Marisa:

So...why am I still watching? And considering the season finale:

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