Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': On the 'Dexter' Finale (Part 1)...

Sometimes a television series is so epic, it warrants hour-long discussions about nuance and detail in its writing, production, and performances. The final episode of those shows bring on feelings that are usually accompanied by tears as you have to say good-bye to a character who you've come to love like any family member or friend you hang out with weekly in your living room. If that character ends the series still alive, there is the notion that he or she will go on and have more adventures without you with which to contend as well. It is no secret that both of us at We Have Thoughts connected with Showtime's Dexter and saw it as a series of epic proportions-- especially in the beginning. So when the series finale rolled around, we of course, had a lot to say about where the show went in its final moments-- for the audience as well as the title character himself.

It should be no surprise that our love for the show and the character made us not love where the show and the character were left in those final few moments of the series finale. Due in part to those emotions and in part due to sleep deprivation caused by a crazy busy weekend of this finale, Emmys, and fall premiere week prep, we did repeat ourselves a bit when discussing the themes within this most recent vodcast. And we certainly went on longer than usual. But both such a complex character and a show that at times was just as complicated deserve dissection, rather than snap judgement, knee-jerk reaction. 

On Reactions to This Finale, Compared to Other Genre Finales:

On Those Final Few Moments Proving Dexter Lost Not Only His Shadow Self But Himself In General:

On The Finale That Could Have Been aka The Fake "Leaked Outline":

On Potential Spin-Offs and Lack of Spoilers This Season:

On No One Else Learning Dexter's Secret Before The End:

 On Dexter's Internal Struggle:

And come back tomorrow for the conclusion of our Dexter series finale vodcast discussion. Will anything stir us up like this again!?

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