Thursday, September 26, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': On the 'Dexter' Finale (Part 2)...

There's a reason our vodcast is called We Have Thoughts, and I warned you there was especially a lot to be said about the Dexter finale and what it meant for the series and the character that came before it! 

Click here for Part 1 of We Have Thoughts' Dexter finale discussion.

Given that Marisa and I both felt the series finale left the show on a down note (for varying reasons), we wanted to look back and consider what that meant for everything that came before it. Sometimes a show will end in such a way that it forces you to look at all previous episodes differently (learning something wasn't real but all in a character's dream, for example, is the most obvious offender, but sometimes it's just the quality that makes you question what you used to think about something, too). So in addition to talking about the series finale episode, we did want to expand a bit more on the themes and character development.

Full disclosure and fair warning: Here is where my psychological profiling of the character really kicks in. I fully admit I watch this show differently than most people! But we also talk about the ending that could have been in what previous showrunner Clyde Phillips would have done, as well as the odd balance of the season and if that was indicative of the character's struggles or the writers', and if there's a potential rewatch on the horizon...

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