Thursday, September 5, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': So Many Questions Still for 'Whodunnit'!...

It's been a few weeks now that Whodunnit? hasn't been on air, but We Have Thoughts still has commentary-- and questions!-- about it. 

What seemed like a silly summer series quickly snowballed into one of the most fun shows across genres and certainly became a social viewing situation. From live-Tweeting with fellow bloggers, to interacting with the various contestants who were trolling the show's hashtag, to keeping the mystery alive with EP Anthony Zuiker's Twitter cases, Whodunnit? screams for a second season. But until we get one, we're just going to keep dissecting the first one. Because, really, there are still some questions.

Marisa and I got together to talk about some of the crazier cases, what the killer could have gotten out of appearing on the show if the money wasn't up for grabs, the "event" aspect of the show, and of course, that ending. If what really mattered were the details, not who the killer was (after all, the winner didn't actually have to guess the killer but just figured it out through process of elimination), then shouldn't this show have been a live version of Crack The Case instead of being called WHOdunnit? 

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