Friday, October 25, 2013

Ask DanielleTBD is Live!...

I think it's time for a little rebranding...

When I first started this website it was a blog in the earliest definitions of the word. It was a place where I could rant and ramble my thoughts-- however personal, however simple, though always centered around one familiar (and almost universal) topic of pop culture. As the years went on and I turned some of my earliest writings here into a book and began getting paid to write reviews and interviews and even the occasional trend or think piece or otherwise evergreen gallery, this site changed. It became less about sharing myself and more about sharing my work. I didn't contribute many original pieces here at all, mostly because I needed to focus on getting paid, and it was always a scrimp and a save and a cobbling together to make ends meet monthly as a freelancer elsewhere. So this became a hub, an online portfolio of sorts, to link out to where you could find me elsewhere on the web. 

That didn't stop the thoughts or feelings or pieces of interest-- about pop culture and other things admittedly-- from coming. And I think it's about time I got back to basics and got back to writing about what I love about pop culture, the crazy trends I don't understand in pop culture, what I love about this business, the crazy trends I don't understand in this business, and writing in general. I've actually been inspired by a friend's Tumblr (Tumblr-- there's something I don't really understand the need for. It's like blogging, but it's impossible to leave comments and start a dialogue with writers or GIFers, as is much more common on that platform, that you like). She does this thing where she has an open forum where she lets her readers and followers ask her questions about her job, her writing, or herself and current interests/passions/fandoms. It reminds me of the emails I sometimes get from people eager to break into the industry asking how they can get an agent or sell a script or even if I will read their script. I genuinely love that stuff; I love to give back and help others starting out the same way I could have used a mentor when I was just starting out. I think a lot of people can benefit from hearing stories-- even if it's of what not to do. So from now on if and when you email me these questions, I promise to be as candid as I have been in the past, but I also plan to post my answers publicly on this site for others to use as they see fit.

After Tweeting that I needed writing inspiration and would take on any topic thrown at me a few weeks ago, I had a successful weekend of creating, so I not only want to do that again, but I want to keep the door open for general questions, too. It sounds terrible, but after a few years of doing nothing but asking questions, sometimes it would just be nice to answer them.

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