Monday, October 21, 2013

From CommuniCon: Dan Harmon, Chris McKenna, 2 Microphones, and Fans Participating This...

Only in its second "season," CommuniCon has already become one of the most fascinating fan conventions out there not only for the creativity of the fans who show up in costumes or with fan art to sell, video games to demo, and web series to screen, but also because of the personalities who attend. There is a panel dedicated to the writing staff, as well as one for the supporting actors-- from the beloved but then never seen again Greg Cromer as Dr. Rich, to the recurring Greendale sweethearts Neil and Vicki (Charley Koontz and Danielle Kaplowitz)-- and there is even one for the crew, ranging from Casting to Costumes to MakeUp, to Production Design, Art, and Construction. But undoubtedly the event that brings the biggest buzz is "Dan Harmon and a Microphone," an unmoderated, unprecedented candid conversation and question and answer with the creator of the show. That format is unique enough to set the weekend apart. And this time around, Chris McKenna joined Harmon for a very special two men and two mics panel that offered some fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses into the way the Community writers work and just how far Harmon himself as come as a showrunner... [MORE]

The following is Part 2 of "Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna and Two Microphones," a special closing panel for CommuniCon's second convention. The Community scribes came to partake in an unmoderated question and answer session with the audience where they talked about everything from the evolution of Britta's character, to why there haven't been any characters with physical disabilities portrayed on the show, to little teases about season five... [MORE]

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