Tuesday, October 1, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Arrow' Season Premiere and The Flash Spoilers...

Arrow's executive producers have already talked about bringing Dr. Barry Allen aka The Flash to life on their hit CW show this second season, and obviously diehard comic book fans had a lot to say about who should embody this new Starling City resident from the announcement. But for Andrew Kreisberg, the character really began to take a better, stronger shape when they saw Grant Gustin's audition... [MORE

When The CW's Arrow returns for its second season, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is not the vigilante we have come to know and love-- and he hasn't been for awhile. After the events of last season's finale sent a literal earthquake through the Glades killing hundreds of people, Oliver resigned himself to the fact that he may have actually been doing more harm than good. So he shipped himself off to the one place where he got his head on straight the last time-- the island... [MORE]

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