Friday, October 18, 2013

From LA Examiner: Jennifer Morrison Talks 'Once Upon A Time' Romance; CBS Picks Up 3 Freshman Comedies; NBC Cancels 2, Schedules 'Community's' Return; 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Picked Up...

When we were on the Once Upon A Time set, we had to ask the actors involved to weigh in on the odd love triangle between the Savior, the Dark One's son, and the Pirate-Who-Was-Almost-The-Dark-One's-Son's-Stepfather. With love being such a driving force-- but also such a saving force in and of itself-- on the show, the way these relationships develop is key to understanding who has the power to break curses, reunite families, and bring characters back from the brink... [MORE]

CBS fans have a reason to smile going into this weekend. The eye network has picked up the back nine episodes for their remaining three new fall comedies, The Crazy Ones, The Millers, and Mom. After canceling We Are Men just last week, CBS is pushing forward with full seasons of the star-studded comedies. It seems the bigger the name, the bigger shot they really do give you! ... [MORE]

"NBC cancels Ironside & Welcome to the Family to make room for Community"

It's a little bit of good news/bad news for television fans today. While NBC has canceled two of its freshman series-- the dramatic crime drama Ironside and the single-camera family comedy Welcome to the Family-- those now open slots on the schedule mean the return of Community, as well as the premiere of Chicago Fire spin-off Chicago P.D. But not immediately... [MORE

"FOX orders a full season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Who says all bad news that gets dumped on Friday afternoons has to be bad? Today FOX announced they are picking up the back nine for freshman comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, bringing that to a full first season order. And as a bonus? That's the show that they are granting (along with New Girl) the post-Super Bowl time slot... [MORE]

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