Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From LA Examiner: Nikki DeLoach Talks 'Awkward'; 'Homeland' & 'Masters of Sex' Renewed; Jim Beaver Talks 'Revolution'...

If you've seen the trailer for the second half of MTV's Awkward's third season, you may be feeling that Jenna's (Ashley Rickards) usual relatable teen angst is kicked up a notch into almost anti-hero territory. The girl who seemed so much more mature than those around her when we first met her as gradually proven to be just as messed up and insecure as all of them, and it's her time to spiral and make choices that her parents, her friends, and even some of her fans won't condone, which leaves those around her to step up and be the mature ones. And some of their responses-- especially that of her on-screen mother's (Nikki DeLoach) may surprise you! ... [MORE]

"Showtime renews Homeland and Masters of Sex"

 Showtime has renewed the acclaimed Homeland and Masters of Sex for new upcoming seasons, David Nevins announced today... [MORE]

"Jim Beaver calls Revolution role gruff like Bobby Singer but not as lovable"

Those of you who are expecting a reunion between Eric Kripke and Jim Beaver to produce "Uncle" Bobby 2.0 may be a little crushed to learn that Beaver's "rugged" Texas Ranger character John Fry on NBC's Revolution is not nearly as lovable as Bobby Singer himself. At least, that's what the actor thinks after having spent time in his boots over in Austin filming the show... [MORE]

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