Friday, October 11, 2013

From LA Examiner: Peter Gadiot Talks 'Wonderland'; 'Happy Endings' Season 3 DVD; Michael Raymond-James Talks 'Once Upon A Time'; ABC Family & Lifetime Holiday Movie Line-Ups; 'The Carrie Diaries' & 'Raising Hope' Advance Reviews...

As Cyrus, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland's genie, Peter Gadiot is playing a character who has been trapped in a bottle for what the show describes as "countless lifetimes" and therefore has been unable to have any sort of life for himself, let alone real relationships or interactions past granting some possibly bad people some powerful wishes. Until Alice (Sophie Lowe) comes along, that is, though. And that bond, per Gadiot, changes everything for Cyrus... [MORE]

"Happy Endings season 3 DVD available through print on demand only"

The cast of Happy Endings have landed on their feet-- and landed new television jobs-- since their underappreciated gem of a half-hour comedy was canceled earlier this year. Adam Pally is now playing a doctor on The Mindy Project; Damon Wayans Jr. has reunited with New Girl; Casey Wilson is creating her own television show; and Eliza Coupe has a new TV husband (well ex) in Will Arnett on The Millers. The people who didn't fare so well were the show's fans-- a small but loyal bunch, many of whom would rather rewatch episodes of Happy Endings from over a year ago than some of the new fall shows the season is offering. And now we can because the third and final season of Happy Endings is finally on DVD... [MORE]

"Michael Raymond-James on Neal's journey to find his family on Once Upon A Time"

From the earliest experience in Fairy Tale Land on ABC's Once Upon A Time, Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James) was always somewhat of a loner. Whether it was because he lived in the woods as an only child with his family who were then torn apart, because his father became the Dark One everyone feared therefore keeping them at a distance, or because he then went through a portal alone, he has thought on his feet and risen to challenges of being intrepid for himself. His time in the modern day world as Neal, though, allowed him to actually-- finally-- make connections with other people-- ones he is now proving he will fight to the death and return to dark, previously sworn off places in order to regain. But these are ones that he may only be able to rely on himself to regain. After all, he has the history with Neverland; he knows just how manipulative Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) can be... [MORE]

"ABC Family gets in the ring with Mike "The Miz" for 2013 holiday special"

Halloween may be right around the corner for those of us in the regular world, but if you're a television executive or PR specialist, you're planning ahead-- way ahead-- to the snowier, jollier holiday season. Today ABC Family has announced plans for its first original holiday special of the 2013 season, Christmas Bounty. Starring WWE Superstar (and former Real World housemate) Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and the network's own Francia Raisa (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), Christmas Bounty leads the "Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas" line of programming, premiering on November 26 2013 at 7 p.m... [MORE

"Lifetime gets musical & stages a One Tree Hill reunion for 2013 holiday season"

Lifetime always delivers a whole sleigh of original programming for the holiday season, but for 2013 the television network for women has teamed up with a number of strong female singers to create some brand new holiday movie musicals. Today they have announced their It's A Wonderful Lifetime line-up, and its launch is right around the corner on November 9 2013... [MORE

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: The CW's The Carrie Diaries season 2 premiere"

To the average teenager watching The Carrie Diaries and dreaming of a day when his or her parent would let him or her move into a killer loft with a friend a train ride away from his or her childhood home, well, the second season premiere snaps you into the reality that it's not all glitz and glam immediately upon return. Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) may finally have her foot in the door with an awesome job, and she may be dancing and drinking it up at some of the city's best nightlife, but she's still a kid mending a broken heart, and memories of Sebastian (Austin Butler) and how he and her supposed BFF Maggie (Katie Findlay) betrayed her keep finding their way to seep into her subconscious. Furthermore, though, she's still just a kid in general. So she makes dumb mistakes that have consequences that hit her hard. It's how she will recover from them-- with a little help from some new friends and a fresh, mature attitude that will matter most. There is room to grow alongside Carrie just as there is room for her-- and the show by extension-- to grow as well. But the second season is off to a strong start by already paying off some of that potential for quite a few characters... [MORE

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: FOX' Raising Hope season 4 premiere"

When a television show is good, it is often because the creator of the show pours a large part of his or herself into it, resulting in a final product that feels personal, even though it is aimed at millions of strangers all around the world. It doesn't have to be a story ripped from the memory bank of that creator but one where the passion and voice is unique enough to shine through nonetheless-- and no matter what obstacles (competitive time slots, underwhelming ratings, lack of marketing) are thrown at it. FOX' Raising Hope, from comedy guru Greg Garcia was one such example. Its humor and its heart were always equally balanced, derived from Garcia's sensibility. Needless to say, when we heard he was stepping down as showrunner from this baby he created for its fourth season, we were worried. We had seen similar instances (cough, NBC's Community) take a deep, dark dive after the creator/showrunner/heart/soul/brain was no longer a part of the show. Admittedly we were prepared to see it again here. But thankfully promoting series executive producer Mike Mariano to the hot seat has paid off immediately from his first episode, the fourth season premiere... [MORE

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