Wednesday, October 2, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'Supernatural' Photos; Ella Rae Peck Talks 'Welcome to the Family'; 'The Tomorrow People' Advance Review; More 'Arrow' Premiere Photos; 'Wilfred' Renewed...

"First Look: Osric Chau and Mark Sheppard return to Supernatural season 9"

The CW's Supernatural's ninth season premiere may start the new year and new arc off by introducing new dynamics and at least one important new character in angel Ezekiel (Tahmoh Penikett), but the second episode of the season snaps the gang back into business as a bit more usual. In "Devil May Care", the second episode of the ninth season, more of the gang is back, as well, dealing with the ramifications of last season's finale... [MORE]

"Ella Rae Peck on "lazy brain" & make-out direction for Welcome to the Family"

Only in Hollywood could someone tell you to sneak off to a dark corner and make out with someone and have it not only not be considered sexual harassment but actually be a potentially helpful tip for one's job. But that was exactly what happened (well, with some paraphrasing) to Ella Rae Peck when she booked the pilot of NBC's new comedy Welcome to the Family... [MORE]

"Fall 2013 TV Preview: The CW' The Tomorrow People"

The CW's The Tomorrow People is the perfect depiction of a 2013 superhero origin story in that the superhero is told he has powers before he gets to experience them on his own. It is tailor-made for a generation of kids who, much like Stephen (Robbie Amell) grew up expecting instant gratification no matter what they were doing and therefore isn't equipped to handle things like patience or compromise. What that amounts to in the pilot episode is 44 minutes of jam-packed storytelling, often at the expense of showing, front-loading information to force the audience to accept this strange new world rather than taking them on a journey with Stephen and inspiring everyone to believe in the powers and the world naturally... [MORE]

"First Look: Arrow in action in more season 2 premiere photos"

The CW has released even more photos for the second season premiere of Arrow, and this time we actually get to see Oliver (Stephen Amell) back in vigilante mode. It's in response to a loved one-- this time Thea (Willa Holland)-- being in danger but it gets him back to a physical place he didn't necessarily thing he was emotionally ready for at the top of the episode... [MORE]

"Wilfred to air its fourth and final season on FXX"

Wilfred, the half-hour comedy about a troubled young man (Elijah Wood) and the neighbor's pet he sees as a man in a dog suit (Jason Gann) has been renewed for a fourth season but there are actually two catches... [MORE

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