Thursday, October 3, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': On 'Ray Donovan's' Development (or Lack Thereof)...

Unlike some other summer series, We Have Thoughts didn't get a chance to check in with Ray Donovan as the season went along. ...Okay, well, we could have, but we opted not to because the show just wasn't dynamic enough (one way or the other) to really warrant spending time on-- or in Marisa's case, catching up on-- until the last second.

This Ray Donovan season finale vodcast looks at the under and otherwise mis-use of a lot of supporting characters but also Ray himself. We discuss how the show held too many cards for the very end of the season while giving us odd, short-term arcs the majority of the way through. We also consider who can and maybe should die on the show and if Abby is more a second rate Carmella Soprano or Skyler White.

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