Tuesday, October 1, 2013

'We Have Thoughts': On 'Under The Dome's' Finale...

It's been just about two weeks since Under The Dome wrapped its first season airing on CBS, and maybe you thought We Have Thoughts had forgotten about it. Or maybe you thought the finale was so mind-bogglingly bad it broke us. You wouldn't be completely wrong on the latter. But it didn't destroy us so much we didn't stop to talk about it-- and this time we both talked about it.

The reason this is a bit delayed is because Marisa took the time to catch up with the show once the Time Warner Cable and CBS dispute was resolved. And she learned the hard lesson that as painful as it was for me to watch week to week, it was even worse to try to marathon a good, large chunk of it. 

In this vodcast, we discuss a few of the stand-alone events, mostly regarding Julia, that led to the finale episode itself, and then we talked about the mythology in the finale and what it could or should mean for season two. Spoiler Alert: though I did not hug a book this time (I didn't want to be too repetitive of the last vodcast, even though much of the complaints and commentary were the same), the book did make an appearance. And my offer to those who want to borrow it to get an idea of how this story should go still stands.

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