Tuesday, November 5, 2013

From LA Examiner: Karl Urban Talks 'Almost Human'; FXX and FX 2014 Premiere Dates...

On FOX's Almost Human, a new crime drama set just over thirty years in the future, technology has already advanced enough that society has created multiple generations of MXs-- a synthetic machine-like being that walks, talks, and looks like a human but is programmed to be a human shield if need be. These MXs are partnered up with every human police officer (and some are used for other technological purposes as well). John Kennex (Karl Urban) is a man who doesn't trust such machines and therefore is reluctant to work with them-- so reluctant that he throws his first MX partner out of a moving car and then takes an earlier model out of retirement so that if he's going to work with a machine, he's at least going to do it on his own terms. Kennex has been hardened by past experiences on the job and in his personal life, and even being in a coma for the last few years hasn't done anything to alleviate his gruffness or distrust. But his new MX partner Dorian (Michael Ealy) just may be the thing that cracks through his armor and lets a little light in... [MORE]

"FXX and FX set 2014 return dates for Archer, Legit, Justified, more"

FX and FXX today have announced their Winter 2014 schedules, including the highly anticipated returns for comedy series like Archer and Legit and drama series Justified. Also on the line-up are the premieres of the animated Chozen and the resurrection of Da Ali G Show... [MORE]

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