Monday, November 18, 2013

From LA Examiner: Michael Ealy Talks 'Almost Human'; Molly Tarlov Talks 'Awkward'; More From Robbie Amell on 'The Tomorrow People'; 'The Flash' Pilot Changes; Laura Bell Bundy Returns to 'Hart of Dixie'...

"Can synthetics grow and evolve? On Almost Human, Michael Ealy proves so!"

When a television show puts out a character breakdown that lists "synthetic" as the key trait, there is often cause to be concerned. After all, "synthetic" is just a fancy way of saying man-made or otherwise robotic, and if the character is literally a machine than it won't have a full range of human emotions, if any humanity at all. And if that character doesn't have emotions or room to grow with its experiences, there really isn't much of a journey to follow there at all. This is something J.H. Wyman understands better than many who have created programming with robots at the center before him, though, so his new FOX futuristic crime and technology drama Almost Human sees a different kind of synthetic in Dorian (Michael Ealy), an early version who actually was given some capacity for feelings... [MORE]

When Awkward first started airing on MTV, it appeared that Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) was the quintessential all-American girl-next-door who the audience was going to relate to, fall in love with, and laugh over her clever puns and dry sensibility. Therefore it seemed that her high school nemesis Sadie Saxton (Molly Tarlov) was the quintessential "mean girl"-- an image-obsessed cheerleader who was out to kick all of the social outcasts while they were down. But Awkward has been anything but typical in its three years on the cable network, and now as Jenna spirals and struggles, Sadie is the one standing strong and tall. Suddenly much of her "meanness" just comes across as honesty and the choices she makes to keep herself a bit guarded may just be the much more likeable, let alone relatable ones... [MORE]

"Robbie Amell on his Cool Hand Luke moment on The Tomorrow People"

The CW's The Tomorrow People is not wasting any time moving its plot along, nor is it dangling secrets over characters' (or the audience's) heads. Only six episodes in and Astrid (Madeleine Mantock) already knows what Stephen (Robbie Amell) can do, even if not the full weight of its importance, and Cara (Peyton List) has learned the truth about just how far Ultra went with John (Luke Mitchell) all those years ago. There is a lot at stake for these characters who have been forced to hide underground because they are being hunted by those who fear and maybe slightly covet what they can do that "regular" humans cannot. Tensions are higher than ever, and things are not helped by the fact that Stephen is still trying to live in both worlds... [MORE

"The CW to give The Flash a standalone (not backdoor) pilot"

While we are mere weeks away from meeting Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) on The CW's Arrow, it appears we have to wait longer than originally planned for the backdoor pilot for a potential The Flash spin-off. Whereas that was originally going to come at the end of Arrow's second season (episode 2.20), word is now The CW is holding off and doing a stand alone pilot instead... [MORE

"Exclusive: On-set with Laura Bell Bundy for her Hart of Dixie return"

If you watched the November 18 2013 episode of The CW's Hart of Dixie you saw the return of a very important character-- with a big secret. If you didn't watch that episode yet, well, maybe stop reading this for fear of spoilers. Because from this point on, the town of Bluebell, Alabama is going to be a little more crowded having to deal with Shelby's (Laura Bell Bundy) graceful return-- and she's taking up room for two"... [MORE]

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