Thursday, November 7, 2013

From LA Examiner: Netflix Gets 4 Superhero Shows; Bill Lawrence Talks 'Ground Floor'; BurCon Details...

Netflix made a name for itself in original programming by delivering unique, character-driven, thought-provoking shows deeply grounded in the realities of life, from House of Cards to The Fall to Orange is the New Black. Of course having the new season of Arrested Development, the screwball comedy that FOX cancelled years earlier made the biggest splash, though, and seemingly in order to regain some of that "big buzz even from announcement, they have decided that the next four series they will deliver will be of the superhero genre... [MORE]

Bill Lawrence's Cougar Town may have a terribly misleading title (or per Lawrence himself, "the worst title of all time"), but his new TBS traditional sitcom Ground Floor isn't far behind in the potentially misleading category. Though the show does deal with the workers on the "ground floor" of a high rise, high powered corporation, it doesn't deal solely with them. Instead it is a mix of characters from the "top floor" (executive money managers) and bottom (support staff, maintenance, marketing hodgepodge). But this time around, Lawrence shared, the title is meant to hold a double meaning-- and you know, Upstairs/Downstairs was already taken... [MORE]

"Creation Ent. brings the Supernatural boys back to L.A. this November"

The boys are back in town! Since Supernatural films its seasons up in Vancouver, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, and the crew spend the majority of their year up north working hard on each week's episodes. Though they have residences here in Los Angeles, they don't get to spend much time here while the show is in production. But for one special weekend, Creation Entertainment is changing that by bringing their "Salute to Supernatural" convention back to Burbank... [MORE]

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