Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From LA Examiner: 'The Tomorrow People' Teases; 'American Horror Story' Renewed; 'Supernatural' Photos...

The end of the last episode of The CW's The Tomorrow People left a promise dangling in the air that, if the show fulfills, would take it to a very dark place. Faced with Jedikiah's (Mark Pellegrino) backstabbing, John (Luke Mitchell) told the Ultra leader, and his former mentor, that he would not be running if he saw him or his agents above ground anymore; instead, he would stand and fight back. It was a promise that John could make, having the ability to actually kill, but one that could certainly impact his people completely negatively, since they all lack that ability and could therefore be easy targets for Ultra. John was angry, and he had every right to be, and he spat Jedikiah's lesson ("kill or be killed") back at him. But being unwilling to cower in a corner when confronted doesn't mean that he is going to go looking for Ultra agents in the streets to start the war. John has kept his people tucked safely away for a reason, and he's not looking to change that any time soon. Unfortunately, partially through the influence of Stephen (Robbie Amell) who is still skirting the line between both worlds, the next new episode of The Tomorrow People, "All Tomorrow's Parties," sees some push back from others about wanting to spend more time in the real world... [MORE]

Just in time for an explosive new episode of the current installment Coven, FX has announced this morning that they are renewing Ryan Murphy's horror genre drama American Horror Story for a fourth season. 13 new episodes will be delivered in 2014 with a brand new setting, theme, and characters, just like the previous three years... [MORE]

"First Look: Supernatural's Castiel found a day job, Crowley cuts a deal"

Back on season eight of The CW's Supernatural, Castiel (Misha Collins) kept himself as far away from Dean (Jensen Ackles) as possible in Purgatory because he knew he was a "beacon" for all of the monsters and Leviathans down there, and he wanted to keep his friend safe. So a few weeks ago on season nine, when Dean brought Castiel into the Men of Letters bunker, only to turn him away after a hot meal, Castiel understood where Dean was coming from. Castiel may no longer be a literal beacon, emitting the light of an angel, but he is still very much a wanted man, and he could still attract all kinds of dangerous beings to Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki). So Castiel went back out on his own, and as Ackles teased for us when we were on set, the things he has been up to as a human man are quite humorous... [MORE]

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