Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Still Shilling for The CW...

When I first graduated from college I worked on a lot of independent film and commercial projects, and one in particular had me working for a brilliant writer and director who, after spending a few weeks working side by side with me, told me he thought I should be working at a network. At the time I was desperate to prove I was creative, I was an artist, I was anything but a suit, so I was taken aback by his words and both flattered and slightly dismayed by them at the same time. But now it is close to a decade later, and I realize that I probably should have listened to him. 

Now, I find myself actively wanting to work for a network-- to have a sense of ownership of the projects I ultimately end up promoting anyway. Over the past few days as I've been wrapping up my paid writing gigs before the holidays and writing my millionth resume cover letter and scouring dozens of job ads, I've realized a pattern in both my past work and what I hope will be the future. And as odd as this will sound to a lot of industry people (but as understandable as it is to so many television fans), I'd like to be at The CW or their parent Warner Bros.

The CW was a network that embraced me swiftly and greatly when I started blogging professionally. Over the years they (along with parent company and studio Warner Brothers) have given me some of the most consistent access to their programming and talent not only for preview and review features but interviews and casting exclusives and post-mortems. This combined with the sheer passion of the audiences of their shows has always made these articles the highest rated (for traffic and promotability) across the various websites for which I have written. And admittedly, they are often the most fun to work on.

I'd love to work on them a little more officially, and full disclosure: I did send my resume in for one very specific position already, but in the meantime, how could I not share just a few more awesome interactions with CW stars for some key episodes/moments coming up in their seasons!?

Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards talks about Olicity in season 2, meeting Barry Allen, more

The Tomorrow People's Mark Pellegrino talks about Jedikiah's past, weakness, respect for Stephen.

Supernatural's Osric Chau talks about Kevin's journey and season 9 state of mind.

Supernatural's Misha Collins talks about human Castiel, reuniting with Metatron, more

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