Saturday, December 7, 2013

My 2013 Pop Culture Christmas WishList (aka What To Buy Me This Holiday Season)...

Dear Santa,

Admittedly there are quite a number of pop culture items that I am lucky enough to either get for free because of my work or that I simply purchase for myself as they are made available to purchase. But every now and then there are a handful of items that I delay on or simply can't find at all, and those are the ones I would love for you (or for my friends) to leave beneath my tree on Christmas Day. Consider the following my Pop Culture Christmas Wishlist (Consumer Edition) for 2013.

Supernatural Funko Vinyls. Since I am serious about getting a full-time, mostly likely office job in 2014, I am going to need some things to decorate my soon-to-be desk, and what better than these adorable figurines from one of my favorite shows? Sure, Dean should be wearing his amulet and carrying a gun instead of a knife, but I'll let that slide. Amazon has a great two-fer offer for the Winchester boys. Castiel, however, is a rarer find, on eBay, international sites, and I'm told select Hot Topic stores.

Steff Bomb's Zack Morris phone plush. This was a part of Gallery 1988's recent "Rock, Paper Scissors" pop culture art show, but personally I just think it would make a great new pillow for Madison.

Speaking of Saved by the Bell, Joey Splotto has a rare (and admittedly factually inaccurate) framed record and artwork for Zack Attack's "Friends Forever" single also available through Gallery 1988. It's so adorable I'll forgive the inclusion of Jessie who WAS NOT IN THAT EPISODE.

Suburgatory season 2 on DVD. Yes, I still buy DVDs-- select ones anyway of shows that I will watch over and over and often as background noise while I'm doing other things. Now that we've moved past that, Warner Bros. never released the second season of this charming and heartfelt little comedy series, and that bums me out greatly, especially because it is such a big season. Get on that release for me (please), even if it has to be print on demand!

An Arrow/James Bamford Stunt Team tee-shirt. The irony of me wearing such a thing (most likely to sleep) is worth the price alone, but I also just love the physical work they are accomplishing on this show.

Vote Braverman paraphernalia. Kristina may not have won the Parenthood election, but I voted for her and I want commemorative items from that campaign. Besides, they're all the more rare now that she didn't win, right? NBC sent bumper stickers around when Leslie Knope was running for her city council, so it just bums me out this dramatic equivalent didn't get the same promotional treatment.

Cards Against Humanity expansion packs. No matter who hosts game night lately, this always gets pulled out because it's a version of Apples to Apples for terrible people. And let's face it, I'm pretty dark, cynical, and twisted. The makers of the game keep adding to it with what I assume are more timely references, names, and events, and I really want to know what they are and include them in the rotation.

More "Colour Me" coloring books. I already have the '90s one (natch), but I just stumbled upon a Swoon Beefcake book that is just too funny. The pictures in these coloring books are more art than outline, and I admit I find coloring really relaxing and fun. I can't draw worth a damn, but I can certainly stay within the lines and get creative with palates!

Fantasy Floorplans for Friends and Dexter. One TV fan sketched out the craziness of TV digs of the '50s all the way to today. While she has everything from Seinfeld to Desperate Housewives to I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch, you know my obvious favorites. Plus, I can't wait to see what details are highlighted-- from the  picture frame on Monica's door to Mr. Morgan's concealing air conditioning unit. They're perfect for framing!

Also perfect for framing (I really like artistic things-- and I'm really hoping to have an office or at least a cubicle in which to hang these things soon) are Kyle Hilton's TV character paper dolls. I first took the most notice with Happy Endings because ABC gave a book of them out at TCA, but he also has amazing ones for Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, and Parks and Recreation-- to name a few!

A hip-hop Santa. I asked for this last year, too, after Happy Endings used it in their holiday episode. Now, that one was crafted by the prop department specifically for the episode (and the music seemed to be dubbed later), but I was told Walmart sold these a few years ago and there has to be one or two floating around the internet as some kind of weird collector's item!

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