Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Year, Another (Old) Story...

A few years ago I wrote a story that helped me work through some stuff from my childhood. The story attracted some attention and helped me obtain an agent. As she shopped it around, I mentioned my love of pop culture, and her voice got much more excited about the possibilities of an essay-memoir project instead. They were really hot at the moment, and she encouraged me to work on one. I did. That was the book that ended up getting published first, while my other, initial story got pushed aside. 

That story is "pseudonym: a novel" and it has just (finally?) been published as an e-Book (it's just so easy to do so these days, I figured 'Why not!?')

It's only $2.99 on, but in case you need a little more about the story, the summary is below.

At the age of thirteen, Megyn Alessi lives a double life.
After witnessing the September 11th attacks first-hand, the precocious young woman retreats into her own little world online where she adopts the persona of a Hollywood television writer. She buries all of the things about her own life that she doesn't like and pretends to be someone else every afternoon after logging online after school. In one of those "sessions," however, she meets a guy named Chris, around whom she finds she can actually be herself. Realizing she has started their relationship as someone else and unsure of how to come clean to him now sets Megyn on an emotional journey on which she is forced to acknowledge that just because she can fool virtual strangers into thinking she’s older, doesn’t actually make her as mature as she likes to think she is.
Like everything I write, it's a coming of age story

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