Friday, January 3, 2014

'We Have Thoughts': 2013 Drama Report Cards...

If you thought we had a lot to say about comedies this season, well you ain't seen nothing yet! Comedy may be more subjective, but dramas often stir the most thoughts, feelings, and conversations, and that is certainly what is at play here.

Marisa and I sat down together over the holiday hiatus to finally film some more vodcasts, and in end of year tradition (and because we love grading things), these particular ones fell into the "report card" category. We looked at shows only in their current season so far (so from fall to December), and though we had a few of the same grades, as you will see our reasoning for said grades tend to be very, very different.

Our camera operator was away for the holiday, so these are a little guerrilla and not in our usual location. Full disclosure: we shot them on my FlipCam propped up on some memory boxes on my coffee table-- very low budget, film school style. But even if things look a little different, we're bringing you the same opinionated commentary you should have come to expect!

Now we take a look at three very important (to us) dramas!





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