Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'We Have Thoughts': Picking Favorite (and Disappointing) Moments of Fall 2013...

It may be a new year, but We Have Thoughts isn't completely finished rehashing things that happened on television last year. A lot went down, okay!? So Marisa and I wanted to wrap up some of those thoughts with a little more flashcard fun. In our latest vodcast, we took some key categories and selected our favorites from this past fall season. What we selected was a surprise to each other as we chose in secret and revealed only on camera. Then we discussed why we made said selections and in a few occasions went into deeper discussion about the picks because we just had so many thoughts. With shows like Scandal, Arrow, Sleepy Holow, Homeland, and Once Upon a Time making the cut, though, you can probably see why!

Favorite Twist
Favorite New Show
Favorite New Character

Favorite Fall Finale 

Most Disappointing Show (Returning)

Most Disappointing Show (New)

What would you have selected? Leave your own thoughts in the comments below!

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