Friday, March 14, 2014


I know at the end of last year I made this grand announcement that I would be "taking back my blog" and writing more here since I wasn't really writing professionally. I also know that that's not what happened. It wasn't for lack of trying, but more times than not, when I sat down to publish something new, I stopped myself before actually letting my words go live. I started to feel like I was just contributing to the noise without a real reason. For example, after seeing just how much weight the most recent Biggest Loser champion lost and how drastically different she looked, I thought about writing something about the competition (as opposed to health) aspects of the show. But why? Is my opinion, as an untrained non-professional in the areas of health, wellness, and exercise, necessary? Is it revolutionary or even a little bit different than what countless of others probably said first (east coast feed ends hours before we on the west get to view, which often means by the time we see and comment on things, our comments are just redundant to the ones that came before from other time zones. Is it benefiting anyone (other than the oddly thrilling validation I feel when I get into a discussion with someone about what I wrote)? These are all similar questions to the ones I started to ask myself about the productions on which I worked. It's really easy to keep putting stuff into the bottomless pit that is the internet, but that doesn't mean you should.

So right now I'm reevaluating this blog-- what I wanted it to be when I started it, if I accomplished that, if I got too sidetracked, if there's still interest and possibility to accomplish it now. I have accepted a full time position with a PR firm here in Los Angeles, so I will be transitioning professionally but will probably still contribute the occasional article (review or interview or video) to other (read: paying/professional) sites. This blog therefore may sit dormant for a little while as I settle into this new position/corner of the industry, but I am still continuing to put random crap up on shorter form platforms of social media, so if you want, follow me over there:

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