Tuesday, February 11, 2014

REVIEW: "My Letter To Fear: Essays on life, love, and the search for Prince Charming"...

My friend and producing partner, Patricia Steffy, recently published her first book. It is an essay compilation that she wrote after conducting a series of interviews with the various women in her life. Some of these pieces made up the basis of the equally-titled staged reading charity event IBG Inc held in 2012, as well. To help support her, I wrote a brief review, which you can read below. If it entices you, as I hope it will, the link to purchase her book is also below.

"My Letter to Fear" is a compilation of stories about what women worry about-- from relationships and career changes, to aging and anal bleaching, to worry itself. Some pieces will have you chuckling to yourself, some will have your eyes tearing up, and some will have you nodding along as if you're reading about your own life. In fact, it is impossible to read this book and *not* feel like at least one piece is written directly about or directed to you.

One stand out piece in particular includes three distinct characters within it: three women at drastically different numerical ages, as they and the reader come to realize their similarities despite assumptions based on outward appearance. Another is a letter talking about suing the makers of fairytales for false promises; another is about expectations one puts on one's self; another is a letter to a 10 year old self. All are reflective and therefore heartwarming, and heart-tugging, in nature.

Though "My Letter to Fear" takes on a wide range of ages and female perspectives within its pages, author Patricia Steffy manages to connect each individual one with a raw emotionality than lends itself to being universally relatable. Perhaps the best part about Steffy's writing, though, is that she knows how to end each "essay" style chapter on a resolved note for the story within while still leaving you wanting more of her voice and wit. 

"My Letter to Fear" is available in paperback or e-Book form now.


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