Thursday, February 27, 2014

Unboxing the 'Hollywood Game Night' Home Edition...

Martin Short. Jason Alexander. Julie Bowen. Rosie O'Donnell. Penny Marshall. Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Chris Colfer. Matthew Perry. Lisa Kudrow. Felicity Huffman. Angie Harmon. These are just a sampling of the celebrities that have played Hollywood Game Night on NBC, and now YOU can play, too!

The Consumer Products division of NBC Universal has created a Party Game home edition board game that combines some of your favorite Hollywood Game Night games in one small box, bringing big laughs and hours of fun into your living room for your very own game nights. The game is available at Walmart and on and fits the parameters of a classic, throwback board game, meaning it comes with a scoreboard, hourglass timer, and stacks of cards that feature each round's game. Unfortunately there is no DVD component for some of the more technical games like Facial Fusion-- though you can probably rig your own bowl if you want to turn any of the included games into a round of Clue Boom.

I took a look inside the Hollywood Game Night Party Game in a very special unboxing video. Below I explore just which Hollywood Game Night games made the cut of this Party Game, which perhaps obviously and of course ends with a round of classic Celebrity just like on the show. Of course seeing that prompted me to launch into a few anecdotes about my own game nights, as well, which really just amount to tips on how (or how not) to play with your own friends.

Hollywood Game Night returns with all new episodes on February 27th at 9 p.m.


Kevin Blanchard said...

Thanks for the input. Hosting a Family Reunion next year and was looking to incorporate a few of these games into the day. We are going to make our own Foam Letters to do the Blind Fold Spelling Challenge and just needed to know if this game was something that we wanted to purchase. We will for sure.

aku ametepe said...

You need to stop. Just STOP IT

Penelope Sanchez said...

I just recently bought the game but for some reason the instructions were not included. I know the rules for each game, but I'm curious on the point system. Could you possibly elaborate on that? Is it similar to the show?

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