Garage door springs are the essential but dangerous components of the garage door because they are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door smoothly.

Every time when you open or close the garage door, the springs which are supported by other parts of the machine, lift up the garage door and counterbalance its weight. Well, it is true that automatic garage doors are operated with the help of an electric garage door opener but it is not the opener itself that does work to lift and lower the garage door, but the torsion springs. If these springs may become loose or worn out, you need to hire a professional garage door repair company such as, Chandler garage door repair company to fix and replace them.

Garage door weight: To understand the importance of garage door springs, let’s discuss the weight of garage doors. Definitely, the weight of the garage door varies, depending on the materials used, sizes, and insulation ability. A small-sized garage door may weigh between 100 to 150 pounds, while the sized garage door ranges from 200 to 400 pounds, and the larger commercial garage door may weigh more than 500 pounds. To aid different types and weights of garage doors, strong and durable springs should be installed.

However, with the passage of time, due to frequent use of garage door springs eventually break and needs to be replaced immediately. Replacing garage door springs on your own can be dangerous, therefore it is strongly suggested to leave it to the professionals to handle it. When you buy garage door components especially springs, it is good to choose a high-quality product, even though they will be a little costly than the average. It is important and wise decision for security reasons. It will also save money and effort in the long run. If you installed low-quality and cheap parts, they are likely to worn out quickly, and you will be forced to buy and install new springs again.

Torsion springs and extension springs: Modern garage doors are designed with two types of springs. One is the torsion springs system and the other is the extension springs system. There are different models of springs to choose from depending on the type and weight of garage doors.

Torsion springs are found above the garage door opening and they are likely to break quickly because they generate and release the force while opening and closing the garage door and counterbalancing the weight of garage door. They are basically oil tempered and created with galvanized steel. The endurance of torsion springs is calculated through the size, length, and internal diameter of springs and the size of the wire used in the manufacturing. Most residential garage doors are installed with two torsion springs, adjusted above the garage door opening right in the middle of the door. They make lifting easier, if one of them breaks, the other will support the garage door to prevent you from injuries. On the opposite side, the extension springs are placed on the side of the garage door, right above its tracks and their responsibility is to stretch during the garage door operations.

Life-cycle of garage door springs: Both extension and torsion garage door springs have a specific life cycle described by the manufacturer. Basically, springs are supposed to have almost 10,000 life cycles. It indicates that you will be able to open or close the garage door for approximately 10,000 times before they break. With a proper understanding of garage door springs, you will find it easier to operate and maintain the garage door in a safe way.