About DanielleTBD

DanielleTBD is a Los Angeles-based freelance Writer/Producer. She has worked on over a dozen independent film and television projects and self-published her first novel, “Stars in their Eyes,” in November 2007. She is a self-proclaimed pop culture addict who contributes to various entertainment news sites, in addition to this personal blog*. Her love of television started at an extremely early age, and despite growing up with only the seven-channel options of rabbit ears, she managed to learn enough life lessons to write a book of autobiographical essays entitled "My Life, Made Possible By Pop Culture" which was finally published in August 2010.

Though her early years consisted mainly of Saved by the Bell, California Dreams, Days of our Lives, and Friends, she has since expanded her television interests to the point where a friend in college once told her she watches "so much reality TV that it makes [his] eyes bleed." Until she sells her own television show, or her book becomes #1 on the Best Seller list, she may consider that her crowning achievement. 

She also loves cupcakes, the beach, and her dog Madison.

* All views and opinions expressed on this website are the author's, and the author's alone. They do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of any websites that employ the author or house her content.