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Entertainment Blogger Danielle Turchiano has released her second book, “My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture,” a hilarious and often poignant look at growing up under the tutelage of nineties television. 

At the age of twenty-five, DanielleTBD was a romantic, a dreamer, a skeptic, a cynic, and still holding out the hope that she will someday find a real life Zack Morris.

Entertainment blogger Danielle “DanielleTBD” Turchiano has released her pop culture memoir, “My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture” based on her blog of the same name. From early contemplations of love to an adult’s reflections on the perils of engaging in relationships without a writing team behind her, DanielleTBD’s life lessons according to Zack & Kelly, Jesse & Rebecca, and Monica & Chandler (to name a few!) are a must read. 

Full of funny recollections and awkward situations, DanielleTBD’s effortless style draws you into her world.  Even if you have never shared her quest to find a suitor cast in the mold of countless sitcom (or daytime!) heroes, she presents a tale that any reader can find relatable.  It’s more than nostalgia that keeps you playing along (though that is present on nearly every page); it’s the very real look into the questions that are raised for us all when we realize that the television happy endings (and the expectations that they raise) may not be a given.

Pop culture serves as a background for self-discovery; a vehicle for “virtual” risk-free trial and error. Whether it is her frank recounting of her experiences as a teenage girl alone in her room in her New York apartment testing out countless personas in the AOL chat rooms, or learning from the fall-out of bad decision-making from her television role models, DanielleTBD captures the essence of a young woman struggling to define herself. 

“My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture” is a true tale, though it may prove to be a cautionary one.

About the Author:
“My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture” is a follow-up to Danielle Turchiano’s first successful novel, “Stars in Their Eyes”.  Turchiano is a writer/producer who has worked on over a dozen film, television, and web projects and is currently focused on entertainment reporting for numerous online publications. She lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Madison.