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"Every once in a while we meet a pop culture kindred spirit. Someone who gets why we think the characters on TV are our real life friends or who is grateful that a childhood spent in front of the tube has actually turned into a career. When we discovered the book My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture, we realized we had found one of these people."
  - Pop Culture Passionistas

 "My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture is a fun, engaging and entertainment-filled read – but perhaps the best thing about the book is that it reflects pure honesty. More than fangirl’s babble of attractive leading men and favorite programs, Turchiano’s memoir is a candid and insightful assessment of a life that was shaped by the entertainment world – the lessons learned, the mistakes made, and the invaluable advice that can only come from Liz Lemon and Monica Geller."
  - Confessions of a TV Geek

"I actually came across her blog by accident but when i read it, it served as another reminder of why I paint what I paint. There's a significance to popular culture that gets lost sometimes. We forget the influence that that media, fashion, the arts….all of the “pop culture” that surrounds us has on our lives..."
  - Charles Fazzino 
"As someone who watches a great deal of television, I found it very easy to relate to Danielle’s stories. But, you needn’t be an obsessive consumer of television to appreciate the sincerity of Danielle’s writing. From the very first chapter, it is incredibly clear where Danielle’s coming from, which is a testament to her honesty and forthrightness."
  - Newestra 

"This is a wonderful gift not only for Days fans, but any child of the nineties who grew up watching shows like Saved by the Bell and Friends. Growing up in New York, young Danielle just knows she is destined to live in LA (which she now does) and marry a real-life version of Zach Morris (still pending). I found myself laughing and nodding in agreement as I read her recollections of early nineties Days scenes and the way she just knew that one day ex-Days star Jensen Ackles would fall in love with her."
  - Examiner 

"The book is a quick and entertaining read, well worth an afternoon for any television addict.  As I was reading, I sometimes found myself laughing, nodding in recognition, shaking my head in disbelief, and even getting a bit teary-eyed.  With her conversational style, and sense of humor, Turchiano provides an honest portrait, full of awkward moments, and some analysis to put it all in perspective."
  - Heroine TV

 "The memoir is all about growing up alongside 90’s TV, so you know it’s right up my specific alley of weirdness. This is Turchiano’s second book, and she’s just another success story that proves that aside from love, all we really need in life is several hours of good television a day."
  - Small Screen Scoop 

"Growing up, I always thought I was the only person who took the lessons of the all-knowing T.V. as gospel due to lack of personal experience. Until I read Danielle Turchiano’s self-published memoir My Life, Made Possible By Pop Culture, and found a life that was eerily similar to mine."
  - Hollywood Jane 

"I think what readers (including those guys, if they have the balls to pick up a chick lit memoir!) will take away from it is that no matter how much I pointed to others' "flaws" as to why they couldn't live up to my relationship standards, it has been my own skewed standards that have been the real problem. And in doing that, the real person I'm critiquing is myself."
  - We Heart TV 

"Told from the point of view of a young woman tackling topics from religion to sex with the guidance of her television role models, the book captures not only the essence of pop culture in the 1990s, but adeptly and wryly explores the perils of coming-of-age off-screen. From her earliest memories of watching "Days of Our Lives" while her mother tended to her dying grandmother to her so-called "May-December" intellectual romance with all things Stephen King, Turchiano takes the reader through the milestones of her early life."