If there is something we can conclude about pop culture, it would be the fact that it is everywhere. Whatever we do, wherever we go, pop culture will always be present. Once we get out of our aluminum garage door in Tulsa, we are already getting the hype of the popular culture. So below is the list of the signs you have to watch out if you want to determine yourself as obsessed with pop culture.

  • You base your friendships with the TV series you are a fan of. Basically, you easily get friends with someone if you share the same taste for a TV show.
  • You are not feeling “ok” every time a celebrity couple would break up.
  • You get so emotional and insane every time you are present at a concert.
  • You give hilarious judgments to people who do not like your favorite TV shows or movies.
  • You have memorized all the choreography of at least one or more Beyonce songs and Britney hits.
  • You love that celebrity-inspired haircut and so you will have it. You’ll cut your hair as if you want to be these celebrities.
  • You want to share with your friends the experience of watching your favorite TV program so you video chat with them while binge watching.
  • You are an expert in making photo collages of your favorite celebrity.
  • You know every element of pop culture without even asking you to study it. Basically, you can determine which an element is and which is not.
  • You clear your schedule when you know the finale or the special episode is coming up. You also add to your schedule the premiere nights.
  • You want to imitate a celebrity during special occasions even the Halloween.
  • You love pop culture so much that you make sure it manifests in the products that you use.
  • You tell everyone your experience of meeting a celebrity.
  • You would wish to rain because you will get to have your favorite movie marathon.
  • You send multiple tweets and retweets to your favorite celebrity hoping they’ll notice you and you’ll get an RT.
  • Your friends call you to bring you the news about your favorite celebrity or favorite TV show.
  • You are organizing a house party for all your friends who want to watch the awards night with you.
  • Your favorite phrase is “treat yourself” or “you only live once”
  • You would tell everyone you are sick when you are only binge-watching.
  • You are more into TV shows and movies and almost reject social engagements in real life.
  • You arranged a dress up for the Harry Potter midnight premiere at least once.
  • All your friends are asking you for the latest couple or celebrity relationships update.
  • You cried a lot when your favorite show ends.
  • You arrange your backyard as if you are in a Hollywood walk of fame.
  • You made a Twitter account so you can stalk your favorite stars.

Garage door springs are the essential but dangerous components of the garage door because they are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door smoothly.

Every time when you open or close the garage door, the springs which are supported by other parts of the machine, lift up the garage door and counterbalance its weight. Well, it is true that automatic garage doors are operated with the help of an electric garage door opener but it is not the opener itself that does work to lift and lower the garage door, but the torsion springs. If these springs may become loose or worn out, you need to hire a professional garage door repair company such as, Chandler garage door repair company to fix and replace them.

Garage door weight: To understand the importance of garage door springs, let’s discuss the weight of garage doors. Definitely, the weight of the garage door varies, depending on the materials used, sizes, and insulation ability. A small-sized garage door may weigh between 100 to 150 pounds, while the sized garage door ranges from 200 to 400 pounds, and the larger commercial garage door may weigh more than 500 pounds. To aid different types and weights of garage doors, strong and durable springs should be installed.

However, with the passage of time, due to frequent use of garage door springs eventually break and needs to be replaced immediately. Replacing garage door springs on your own can be dangerous, therefore it is strongly suggested to leave it to the professionals to handle it. When you buy garage door components especially springs, it is good to choose a high-quality product, even though they will be a little costly than the average. It is important and wise decision for security reasons. It will also save money and effort in the long run. If you installed low-quality and cheap parts, they are likely to worn out quickly, and you will be forced to buy and install new springs again.

Torsion springs and extension springs: Modern garage doors are designed with two types of springs. One is the torsion springs system and the other is the extension springs system. There are different models of springs to choose from depending on the type and weight of garage doors.

Torsion springs are found above the garage door opening and they are likely to break quickly because they generate and release the force while opening and closing the garage door and counterbalancing the weight of garage door. They are basically oil tempered and created with galvanized steel. The endurance of torsion springs is calculated through the size, length, and internal diameter of springs and the size of the wire used in the manufacturing. Most residential garage doors are installed with two torsion springs, adjusted above the garage door opening right in the middle of the door. They make lifting easier, if one of them breaks, the other will support the garage door to prevent you from injuries. On the opposite side, the extension springs are placed on the side of the garage door, right above its tracks and their responsibility is to stretch during the garage door operations.

Life-cycle of garage door springs: Both extension and torsion garage door springs have a specific life cycle described by the manufacturer. Basically, springs are supposed to have almost 10,000 life cycles. It indicates that you will be able to open or close the garage door for approximately 10,000 times before they break. With a proper understanding of garage door springs, you will find it easier to operate and maintain the garage door in a safe way.

We all know that even little things can affect our daily lives greatly. So, it is just safe to assume that the effects of bigger things can be life-altering. For the society as a whole, this “bigger things” can be how we adopt the foreign culture and make it our own. Not only do we change something as an individual, we also jumpstart a change in our beliefs, and in our style. We forego our culture in place of a foreign one that is the current trend. As a result, we sometimes permanently forget our identity that makes our culture unique. 


Pop culture is something that comes as a big deal in the society and so, it follows that this culture doesn’t just affect us mildly. It can change our preferences in a blink of an eye. Personally, I am affected by my love to pop culture. I am a person who always loves to be in the know of what’s and what’s popular at the moment. I always follow the trend and incorporate them into my lifestyle. This applies no just in my music preferences but other things as well such as films, fashion, and books. I admit popular culture can often be attention-grabbing. It would bait you until you are caught. I don’t remember exactly how I got caught in this love for the pop culture but I know I am not the only one who’s engrossed in this thing. Many people love the popular culture and I know it’s taking over the world especially now that younger people tend to be interested in a variety of things that are on trend. I’m not the only one who find many songs or films to be soul-touching. In fact, there are many people young and old who think that the new songs the popular culture has been delivering regularly are the best songs in the market. The admiration for them is so strong that there are blogs and articles that are made for pop culture alone. 


How does this popular culture really affects my daily life? Well, the answer is really easy and I’m sure many people can relate. To be honest, I’m a person who doesn’t really love to interact with many people. You can call me shy type so I tend to be alone most of the time. But then, when I became a fan of many artists that are really popular nowadays, my life seemed to change. A few years ago, I needed to sell my house fast and found a new place to live in. It wasn’t really hard because my parents helped me in looking for trustworthy buyers that can bid for my house immediately. In college, I never really expected that it was the start of my new life. Like I said, I never really interact to many people but then, when my classmates found out that I love pop culture just like them, they approached me and told me if we could be all friends. It surprised me but I think knowing that we all have the same taste in music and films brought us together.  


That was the moment I started going out with my new friends and going to places that cater to our love for music, films, and arts. There was one time, one of us suggested we go to the concert of our favorite artist.  Pop culture affected my life because it gave me an opportunity to make new friends. Just listening to songs is already a life-changing because it doesn’t just affect my mood, it also affects my way of living and of course, my beliefs in life. 

Pop culture is really prevalent in today’s society and no one can just deny it. The effects and influences of pop culture in the perspectives of people are evident with the way they perceive and analyze the things that are happening around them. It is only natural to maintain this kind of balance because when people are too exposed to certain ideologies, they would definitely adapt its concept.

So is true for pop culture. The more people are exposed to this ideology, the more they are being influenced when it comes to their perspectives.

To give you a little example, here are the things you should know when you are taking a pop culture lover out on a date.

  • She can discuss interesting topics about the world at large.

-Pop culture lovers are knowledgeable of current issues and events that are happening all around the world. If you are to date someone who is a fan of pop culture, you should not think that she is being ignorant with the world. She knows so many things in fact.

  • Stay alert because she has strong opinions about the media.

-You have to have a little knowledge about media and its critical points to be able to discuss and engage critically with a pop culture lover. They tend to criticize what they can see in media.

  • She is an interesting talker.

-Everything she says seems to be enjoyable when you hear her talking about it passionately. The things and elements she knows about pop culture become an interesting topic because of her opinions and passions. The subjects she would try to make you understand would stir your curiosity to know more about pop culture, understand it and critically analyze it.