How can I learn from your website?

Our website is filled with articles and blogs where you can further study pop culture, its relevance to the society and how can one use pop culture in propagating ideologies, beliefs, arts and advocacies. We aim to be a reliable source of critical analysis which can helps people further understand pop culture and its elements.

Is Pop Culture easy to understand?

Pop Culture has different concepts and elements with numerous sub-topics. It is a wide-range subject composed of discussions about different elements such as music, fashion, movie, TV, news and politics. While Pop Culture has various sub-topics, they are easy to understand and study. There are various concepts but these concepts can easily be illustrated. We also provide situational examples and explanations so you would be able to understand each concept.

Who provides the topic for your articles?

We have a team of dedicated researchers who are looking for topics that would be interesting to discuss and be beneficial for our readers. Because the topic about pop culture is vast, we are conducting studies to see and measure would be more interesting for our readers. Our researchers do the task of filtering the subjects that can be found on our website.

Can I submit an article for your website?

We encourage our users to submit their own article as we have a special section dedicated for article contributions. We want our website to be interactive so we want our readers to participate in discussions through their submitted articles. We would also like to know which topics our readers want us to discuss more according to the topics of their submitted articles.

Do you follow a certain standard when accepting articles?

Our editorial staff decides which article from our readers will be featured on our website. They filter articles based on the subject matter and content.